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The Whole Brain Catalog supports a wide range of data from 2D images, 3D reconstructions, cellular morphologies, and simulations.

[edit] Simple Data Upload

  1. Download Whole Brain Catalog and open the executable file.
  2. Click the import button on the toolbar.
  3. Select file from your local computer with the file chooser.
  4. Specify details about your data according to details specified in the Cell Centered Database (CCDB).
  5. Position your data in the Whole Brain Catalog

For more detailed information please view this additional documentation.

[edit] Types of Files Supported

Images (up to 2 MB)

.png, .jif, .jpg, .tif

Neurons from NeuroML (up to 2 MB; NeuroML)

.morph.xml, .nml

Mesh Models (up to 5 MB)


You can also view a summary of the data in the Whole Brain Catalog and will help you see the types of data for which upload paths have been defined.

[edit] Advanced Uploads

The Whole Brain Catalog can support data types of many other varieties and much larger file sizes by taking advantage of the Cell Centered Database (CCDB).

If you are interested in doing bulk uploads, please answer a couple questions to get into contact with our team here: ---URL TBD---

For any further questions, please email our team at

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