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Welcome to the Whole Brain Catalog! After downloading the Whole Brain Catalog, you will be on your way to a multi-scale and multi-dimensional journey of the brain. We encourage feedback and have provided some user documentation to help you get started.

Launch the Whole Brain Catalog and Get Started

You find instructions to launch a stable version or install a developer version of the Whole Brain Catalog on most systems here.

Getting to know the Whole Brain Catalog

A Menu -- Use the View menu to switch between different atlases.

B Searchbox

C Preset default locations from which to observe the atlas

D dataset tree browser

E login and user management

F Toolbar

G 3D scene -- drag .png, .jpg, .obj here to upload content once you are logged in

Tour of the Whole Brain Catalog

Tour of the Whole Brain Catalog

Example scenes and usage

Tour of the Whole Brain Catalog

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